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Headteacher's Welcome


3 simple words to many, but to TGS it is our way of life. It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to welcome you as the Headteacher of The Gatwick School. We are a truly unique school, which provides students a culture, where they are given more chances so they have more choices in their future.

As an all through school, we are one of only a few state schools of its kind in the country. We have the pleasure to educate children from the age of 4 to 16, and be part of not just their educational journey, but also their journey through childhood into young adulthood.

We believe in creating a culture that is founded upon nurture and ambition, and while we operate two small schools, we come together as one big family.
As two small schools and one big family, we are able to give students a better chance at a phenomenal education. Through pooling our expertise and experience, we can develop the continuity of learning, that helps students learn more, know more and remember more.

We believe that in our setting, students get to build relationships with staff over a longer period of time; develop their knowledge through our all through curriculum model; benefit from primary and secondary phase specific expertise; enjoy the broad range of chances that come about in a setting that is so unique, such as specialist classroom and mentoring opportunities.

The standards at TGS are high, we believe in nothing less than the best. We believe in giving students a chance to make the right choice, and I am unapologetic in my ambition to always have the highest expectations for every person in our TGS family. We also understand that young people will make unexpected choices, and therefore we value the art of restorative practice and explicit teaching of the right and wrong choice. This is one of the characteristics of a TGS learning journey, which will enable our children, to go on and be successful citizens in society.

I welcome the chance to show off my incredible school and its students, I encourage anybody who hasn’t been to see us before, or has and would like another taste of our culture, to book one of our weekly tours.

When you step into The Gatwick School and become a part of TGS family, then you really can be in a place where education comes alive!

BOOK A TOUR TODAY - and see for yourself!

Yours Sincerely,

David Marillat