Welcome to The Gatwick School's Pastoral Support page, where we prioritise the well-being and development of every student. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our values: Choices, Chances, Culture.

At The Gatwick School, we understand the crucial role that pastoral care plays in fostering a positive learning environment. Our dedicated team of experienced pastoral staff is here to support and guide students through their educational journey, ensuring a safe and nurturing atmosphere for personal and academic growth.

All students in the Secondary phase are supported daily by a Form Tutor, Head of Year and DDSLs, as well as the wider staff body. For students requiring more targeted and intensive support, the safeguarding team facilitate this in the form of internal and external specialists and agencies.

We empower our students to make informed choices, helping them navigate through challenges and opportunities alike. Our pastoral support encourages self-discovery and resilience, instilling a sense of responsibility for one’s well-being and personal development. It also ensures that every student is equipped to negotiate the complexities of childhood and adolescence skilfully and with enthusiasm.

Recognising the potential within each student, we provide a supportive framework that maximises their chances for success. The Gatwick School prides itself on a positive and inclusive school culture. The pastoral team actively promotes a sense of belonging and mutual respect, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every student feels valued.

Our comprehensive pastoral support includes but is not limited to, monitoring reports with daily check-ins, mentoring, counselling, and a range of initiatives designed to promote emotional well-being and personal development. Through collaboration with parents and carers, we strive to create a partnership that ensures the best possible outcomes for our students.

We prioritise the holistic personal development of individuals as this in turn leads to academic success. The Gatwick School's Pastoral Support is a testament to our commitment to providing a caring, nurturing, and empowering educational experience. Together, we build a future where our students are equipped with the tools to make positive choices, seize opportunities, and contribute meaningfully to a diverse and thriving global community.