School Vision / Ethos

Two Small Schools, One Big Family

We believe in creating a culture where people don’t just want to ‘be’ at the school, but where they want to come and feel alive with the buzz of learning and a collective sense of purpose - just like a family.

We are two small schools, a 2 form primary phase and a 4 form secondary phase. This enables us, to offer a truly unique perspective and experience of learning and life for all of the TGS family. This includes, parents, students and staff.

As two schools, we get to benefit from the all through expertise of everyone in our family, and this means we can give students more chances, so they have more choices in their future.


We offer students the best chances possible in our school through:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum offer, that is ambitious with its scales, teaching subjects such as psychology, dance, business studies, sociology, PE, DT, food technology, art, music and interactive media; along with the core subjects, of maths, English, reading, writing, science, computer science, history, geography and modern foreign languages.
  • A unique chance to learn in a setting that can offer taught subject specialism in PE, Computer Science and MFL in the primary phase and a shared expertise in all subjects across both phases, helping the continuity of learning for students, meaning they can learn, know and remember more.
  • An incredible personal development curriculum, giving students chances beyond the academic curriculum. We offer daily tutor time, termly enrichment days, weekly assemblies, discrete RE and PSHE lessons, guest speakers, house events and competitions (including the chance to raise money for charity), and a well sequenced trips and extra-curricular calendar, enabling us to build every students cultural capital, to compliment the academic learning in lessons.


The standards at TGS are high, we believe in nothing less than the best. We believe in giving students a chance to make the expected choice, and we are unapologetic in our ambition to always have the highest expectations for every person in our TGS family.

We support students in learning the difference between right and wrong, with a weekly cultural focus that is delivered during a weekly virtual assembly, led by the Assistant Headteacher for culture. The TGS expected behaviours, as outlined below are taught explicitly to students, to support them in understanding the difference between right and wrong:

TGS Expected Behaviours

We also understand that young people will make unexpected choices, and therefore we value the art of restorative practice and explicit teaching of the right and wrong choice. This is one of characteristics of a TGS learning journey, which will enable our children, to go on and be successful citizens in society.


The TGS Culture is positive, fun and inclusive. We believe in supporting all students, finding what success means to them and not letting any barrier stop them in achieving it. We have a well-resourced and supportive specialist SEND team, who operate out of our nurturing environments of 'The Nest' and 'The Warren'. Our team works across both phases, offering the best assistance for students, via intervention, in class support and bespoke learning plans, to help students best achieve.

Our culture is founded upon given every student more chances so they have more choices in their future, no matter what. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where students feel listened too and involved in the key decision of the school, with an active and prominent student council and prefect team.

Our culture is ultimately set up, so every member of the TGS family, can be successful and wants to support others in being successful, while enjoying every lesson, every day.