Welcome to The Gatwick School's Uniform page, where we define excellence through a smart and cohesive dress code that reflects our commitment to a positive learning environment.

Our uniform at The Gatwick School is more than just attire; it's a symbol of our shared commitment to academic achievement and a respectful, inclusive community. We believe in the power of a unified appearance, where every student feels a sense of belonging and pride.

Our dress code is designed to provide students with a consistent and professional look, setting the tone for a focused and purposeful atmosphere in the classroom, around the school and in the community. By adhering to our uniform guidelines, students contribute to a harmonious learning environment that values discipline and mutual respect.

At The Gatwick School, we understand that a well-maintained and standardised dress code fosters a sense of equality and unity among our student body. It's a reflection of our school's collective identity and dedication to creating an environment where everyone can thrive.

All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly marked with the student’s name to help avoid loss. Lost property is located at Primary and Secondary Receptions. In the Summer term, students must remain in full school uniform and will be informed daily during extreme weather, of any allowances that are being made.

We must advise you that any student not wearing required uniform will either be sent home to change once agreed with parents/carers or placed in the Ready to Learn Room until rectified. We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that every student complies with this policy.


In the seondary phase, we expect our students to arrive at The Gatwick School equipped to learn. Each student requires:    

  • 2 black pens, 2 purple pens, 2 red pens, a pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser, a scientific calculator, protractor, whiteboard pen, highlighter and glue stick
  • TGS Student Planner
  • A reading book
  • A school bag for books and equipment
  • Optional: coloured pencils and a pocket-size dictionary
  • A water bottle

Students who do not have the required equipment may be issued with a L2 detention.