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If you are interested in a place for our existing years, (Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 7 , Year 8, Year 9 or Year 10), please contact the school directly either by phone 01293 538779 or email our Head of Administration Mrs Sonia Mitchinson at

September 2018

If you live in West Sussex you need to apply for a place at The Gatwick School through the Admissions Department of West Sussex County Council.
Please use the following link:

If you live in Surrey you need to apply for a place at The Gatwick School through the Admissions Department of Surrey County Council.
Please use the following link:

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There are no scheduled Open Evening events currently planned.

To arrange a personal visit, please call the school on 01293 538779 or email

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If you require any additional information please contact the school on 01293 538779.

Admissions Policy

The admissions policy for The Gatwick School will satisfy requirements of the revised School Admissions Code (December 2014), the School Admission Appeals Code and admissions law. Our admissions process will be inclusive, open, fair and transparent.

The Published Admissions Number (PAN) for the Reception entry will be 60 and for Year 7 it will be 120. Each year 60 pupils will be admitted to the Reception year and 120 students to Year 7, subject to the judgements of an independent appeals panel. As such, when full the school will have 1,020 pupils on roll. Students in the school’s Year 6 will automatically enter Year 7.

In accordance with the law, children with statements of Special Educational Need will be admitted to the school where the Local Authority has specifically named The Gatwick School as the most appropriate placement.

In the event of there being greater demand than there are places available to the school, places will be offered using the following oversubscription criteria in accordance with the School Admissions Code:

  • Children in care i.e. children in the care of the Local Authority as defined in the Children Act 1989. This category includes ‘looked after children’ or children who have previously been looked after and immediately after being looked after became subjects to adoption, residence or a special guardianship order.
  • Children with exceptional medical or social needs, for example a medical condition supported by medical evidence.
  • Children with one or more parents who are serving members of Her Majesty’s Armed or Uniformed Forces and qualifying Crown Servants’ children.
  • Children with one or more parents who are members of staff the school who were recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
  • Children with a sibling at the school at the time of admission. The term ‘sibling’ includes a half or step child permanently living in the same family unit or a foster child permanently living in the same family unit whose place has been arranged by the social service department of the Local Authority
  • Proximity to the school. This will be measured by GIS software and the measurement to be taken is from the home (OS point) to the centre of the school site.

Tie Breaker

In the event that two or more children live at the same distance from the school (as can happen with families living in blocks of flats), the tie breaker will be random allocation, where the supervised drawing of lots by an independent responsible person of good standing will be used to decide which child(ren) will be allocated the remaining place(s).

An independent appeals panel will be constituted to hear appeals. All relevant information will be made available to applicants and published on this website.

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