We are an All-Through School

The Gatwick School has been set up to establish an all-through school for children aged 4 to 16.

All-through state schools are rare but we feel that it is precisely what gives The Gatwick School a unique place in the local provision for schools.

Here are some of the reasons why we think an all-through education is so valuable and why we think it provides an exciting opportunity for our children:

  • It removes the well-researched performance ‘dip’ at age 11
  • It removes the learning barriers and age-old fears that many children face as they leave primary school and make the transition to a secondary school
  • It enables primary aged children to benefit from having some specialist teaching at an early age, which means that gifted and talented children will be challenged and stretched
  • It enables some children to benefit by  having more time to develop their skills
  • It enables older children to have the opportunity to develop leadership skills by mentoring younger children (which in turn promotes a healthy and positive school climate)

Older and younger children working together

Since we have been open, it has been special to see so many and varied interactions which have led to very positive relationships being forged between our Primary children and students in Secondary.

  • Whole school assemblies, which provide great opportunities for older children to act as role models and for themes to be explored at different levels
  • Secondary students regularly visit primary classes and have buddied up with younger ones, e.g. by listening to them read etc. This has inspired our Primary students to demonstrate confidence in reading and oral expression

The Paragon Curriculum

The Paragon Curriculum is an integrated humanities and social studies curriculum. Through content rich, hands-on learning, Paragon looks to the past to prepare students for the future, providing students with a solid understanding of history by exploring the literary, artistic, mathematical, scientific, social, political, and philosophical ideas that have culminated in our contemporary cultural climate.

By studying the great ideas of human genius that transcend time and place, Mosaica students will cultivate a multicultural perspective and global awareness. The program teaches students to work collaboratively on complex questions relevant to their own experiences and features the latest technology as a tool for inquiry and research.

Rather than teach history in bits and pieces in arbitrary sequence, Paragon’s fully integrated, chronological approach demonstrates to students how one idea builds on and evolves into another. The curriculum illustrates how sweeping cycles repeat and leads students to understand the evolutions of world cultures. In Paragon, students study history across continents, and gain a profound understanding of the manner in which many ideas develop at the same time in independent cultures unaware of the other’s breakthroughs. Through this, students develop a larger picture of history and the associated interrelationships. Rather than memorize names, dates, and events in isolation, students recall the sequential circumstances surrounding these events and remember more readily both factual information and conceptual relevance.

For more information on the curriculum see the Mosaica Website: www.mosaicaeducation.com

Enrichment 6

We have a 6 point plan for ensuring that each of our students are given every opportunity to have new and diverse experiences.

1. Russell Group University Visits
Regardless of whether you plan to attend a university or not, we believe it is important that you are aware of what opportunities are available.  We will use a variety of local further education providers for this purpose together with Russell group and Cambridge University for gifted and talented students.

2. Links with External Organisations
The Gatwick School is ideally situated to give students an insight into the word beyond school.  All students will be provided with the opportunity to visit local businesses and explore what they do and what working for them would be like.

3. Residential Trips
All KS3 students will have the option of attending a residential visit while at The Gatwick School.  We believe that educational experiences like these are essential for the development of subject passion as well as providing experiences you will remember forever.

4. Cultural Capital
The Gatwick School holds high value in cultural experiences, and as such will be looking to offer pupils the opportunity to attend events such as:  Plays, musicals, ballet, dance and other similar events.

5. Extra Curricular Activities
The Gatwick School is committed to providing students with a diverse range of educational, interesting and fun extracurricular activities.

6. Sporting Activities
All students will have the opportunity to participate and compete in a wide range of sporting activities.

Part of a National and International Community of Schools

The Gatwick School is a flagship part of a group of schools run by Aurora Academies Trust. The trust was established in 2012, and their mission to provide outstanding education for children and families in their local communities. The school works with a number of other schools based the south east. To learn more about Aurora, please visit their website www.auroraacademies.org.

The trust is led by CEO Mr Tim McCarthy.

Tim’s email address is: TMcCarthy@auroraacademies.org

The address for Aurora Academies Trust is: Gunter’s Lane, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN39 4ED

As well as this, the Gatwick School is part of Pansophic Learning’s international family of schools. Globally, Pansophic Learning’s schools provide an outstanding foundation in basic skills and utilise the acclaimed Paragon® curriculum. They are renowned as a provider of world class schools that foster a love of learning and inspire pupil success.

Pansophic Learning is a global education organisation that strives to provide exceptional learning solutions that enable students to maximize their success academically and in life. Pansophic Learning serves students of all ages throughout the world including the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Pansophic Learning is proud to partner with Aurora Academies Trust in the UK.

For more information visit: www.pansophiclearning.com