ASC Strategies, understanding, realisation & emotional wellbeing

ASC Strategies, understanding, realisation & emotional wellbeing

Are you a parent/carer of a child or young person, aged 9-16 years, with an ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) and have not attended an AScSURE course before?

The AScSURE course is an excellent source of information for those new to ASC or for those requiring a little more   in-depth knowledge. The course is free of charge to families of children in West Sussex maintained schools, at this time.

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An update and an invitation from the FOGS Team

An update and an invitation from the FOGS Team

We need parents to get involved to support specific events. So we will have a monthly meeting to discuss upcoming activities. Coming along to these will not commit you to anything, so please do drop into the next one to meet some of the team, have a chat and see if there is anything that you would like to get involved with.

Our next meeting open for parents will be on Tuesday 14th October at 8.45 AM. We hope to see some of you there.

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Secondary Homework

May I take this opportunity to welcome all students back to a new and exciting year at The Gatwick School.

As you will be aware, the reduction in the length of the new school day has brought about a need to provide students with an increased element of homework.  A new homework page has been established on the school website which contains clear instructions of tasks which departments have set. You can find it in the Secondary section of the website, or by clicking here. The timetable will refresh each Friday at 17:00 with tasks for the weekend/following week.

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Re the status of our application to Crawley Borough Council (CBC) for permanent planning approval

We are writing to give you an update as to the status of our planning application.

As you will be aware, our original application was rejected in 2015 by CBC’s Planning Committee and a second application has been lodged that we feel addresses the six reasons for rejection given by the Councillors to our first application.  We were hopeful that this second application would, by now, have been considered by the Planning Committee, however due to the change of timing to the end of the secondary school day (following the consultation process last academic year) there will be a further delay to it reaching the Committee stage because we have to conduct some further surveys to analyse data about how the change might affect the car park operation at the end of the school day. 

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Cashless Catering FAQs

What is a cashless system?

A Cashless Catering System is a solution which is purpose designed to meet the ever evolving needs and demands of the catering provision, required by today’s schools and academies. The Cunningham’s cashless catering solution allows schools to be better able to provide their students and staff with a faster, more efficient and more appealing meal service.

What is ‘biometric?’

Biometric is simply a method of identifying an individual person. The Cunningham’s cashless catering solution uses and algorithm based scan, which reads between 50 and 130 points on the finger/thumb. It is not a fingerprint in any way, shape or form and is of use only in the Cashless System.

How does a biometric system work?

The information of a student or staff member, who has been biometrically registered, is stored on a secure biometric controller within the school, which has restricted access. Once an account is created, the student or staff member places their finger/thumb on the Cunningham’s Biometric Reader, which looks up their account and allows them to purchase items using only this method of identification.

How does my child register on the biometric system?

Registration days will take place during the week commencing 16 September. During these days, registration terminals will be placed in the school. Your child will attend at a requested time and will be required to place their finger/thumb on the Biometric Reader twice to obtain a matching template, which only takes a few seconds.

How do ‘free meal’ entitlements work?

All free meal entitlements will be entered on to the system prior to the ‘live’ day. The Cashless Catering System will, on a daily basis, automatically allocate the appropriate accounts with the free school meal amount. Students with FSM entitlement remain anonymous at all times as all account types are accessed in the exact same manner, regardless of whether paid for or not. Please note that any monies not spent from the daily free meal allocation will not be carried over to the next day.

Can anyone else use my child’s account?

No – due to the extensive security on biometric templates, no-one will be able to access your child’s account. As a secondary precaution, a photo image is allocated to each student, the photograph will be shown at the terminal.

What methods of payment can be used to credit an account?

Any amount can be credited to an account logging on to your ParentPay account and selecting the Healthy Roots School Lunch payment item.  Once an account has been credited, the monies cannot be withdrawn and must be spent on the school meal/break services.

How can I check the credit on an account 

This can be accessed via ParentPay.

Can I change my child’s ‘daily spend limit?’

The school has set a daily spend limit of £5. This can be changed by written request to the school.

What happens if my child’s account is not in credit?

A ‘lend’ can be processed at the terminal, which will then allow a meal to be taken. This facility will allow for one transaction only. The debt must be cleared by topping up online before the student accesses the system again.



Launch of Cashless Catering – Monday 9 September

The new cashless catering system will go live on Monday 9 September, with the biometrics recognition system going live on Monday 16 September. 

This means that you will need to credit your child’s account with funds to enable them to purchase a break time snack (new offer for Secondary students) or their lunch from Monday 9 September.  I have attached a FAQ sheet regarding this new process for your information, and a copy of the new price list.

What do you need to do?

Reception to Year 2

As your child will receive a free school meal, you do not need to do anything

Year 3 to Year 5

Please log on to ParentPay and credit the Healthy Roots School Lunch payment item with funds to cover your child’s food

Year 7

Unfortunately due to a technical issue with ParentPay, you will not receive your activation code for the ParentPay portal until 10.00 on Monday morning.  Once received, please log on and credit the Healthy Roots School Lunch payment item with funds to cover your child’s food

Year 8 to Year 11

Please log on to ParentPay and credit the Healthy Roots School Lunch payment item with funds to cover your child’s food

Free School Meal Students

If your child is in receipt of a free school meal, you do not need to do anything as your child’s account will be credited in the morning with the value of a hot meal and pudding.  If you would like to credit your child’s account with additional funds, please credit the Healthy Roots School Lunch payment item on ParentPay

Biometric Consent

You are required to opt-in to the biometric recognition software in line with GDPR regulations – please select the link below if you have not already done so:

If you would prefer, please email your name and your child’s name to to confirm that you opt in to the biometric system.

If you do not want to opt in, your child will be able to use the cashless catering system by entering their individual reprographics code, or via the look up option on the system.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

An Update from the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) on Attendance and Punctuality

As Education Welfare Officer at The Gatwick School I am responsible for overseeing attendance and punctuality for the whole school, and working with students and families where attendance or punctuality may be a concern or absences are unauthorised. We are delighted to report that whole school attendance has improved from last year, although we are still at a point where we can still make improvements.

This term we will be proactively supporting punctuality for all pupils and there are some important changes that all parents/carers and children need to be aware of:


All students must be in school by 8.30am.

Any students arriving after this time will be recorded as late.

Students arriving late to school after the registers have officially closed will receive a code in the register which counts as an unauthorised absence. This means that parents/carers are at risk of fines if their child persistently arrives to school after the registers close.


All children must be in school by 8.45am (they can go into class from 8.30am).

Any children arriving after this time will be recorded as late.

Children arriving late to school after the registers have officially closed will receive a code in the register which counts as an unauthorised absence. This means that parents/carers are at risk of fines if their child persistently arrives to school after the registers close.

We have very high expectations at TGS about regular attendance and punctuality – this is so important as it is proven that children at all ages will achieve more if they have good attendance.

We truly appreciate the support of all parents and carers in ensuring that children attend school every day on time. Please try to book all dental and medical appointments outside school time if at all possible, and remember that we are not able to authorise any absences for family holidays during term time, so please make sure that any trips are booked during the school holidays.

If you have any concerns or questions at all about your child’s punctuality or attendance please do not hesitate to contact me directly, via the school main number or by email on

Jackie Storey

Education Welfare Officer

Reminder of Revised Car Park Management Rules

In order for The Gatwick School to play its part in reducing traffic pressure on the Manor Royal Business Park, we need all parents to adhere to the following new arrangements. Similar to most schools we have limited car parking on site so it has always been the case that car shares and other modes of transport would be embraced by our students, parents and staff. This is particularly the case as the school grows. As such from September 2019, the following non-negotiable car parking arrangements will take place in order for the school to run smoothly in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Drop off in the morning

Parents are reminded that they must use the “drop and go” system. Parking is not permitted except for Reception parents or other parents in exceptional circumstances and is strictly limited to 5 minutes only. If parking you must use a marked parking bay and not park on grass verges. Parents must switch engines off whilst parked.

There is no right turn out of the school on to Gatwick Road under any circumstances.


Collection in the afternoon

Collection in the afternoon will also be closely monitored. As in the morning, parking is limited to 5 minutes only and must be in a marked bay. Parents must switch engines off whilst parked. Again, there is no right turn on to Gatwick Road.


The Gatwick School Spanish Exchange Trip 24-28th July 2019

The Gatwick School hosted their first School Exchange Trip last week.


Sixteen keen Catalan teenagers who arrived with the help of the UK High School Immersion from Leonardo da Vinci School in Barcelona, attended classes with their new buddies from Years 7-9, taking part in after school activities, on top of helping local children with their Spanish lingo.

Mr Roessler, Head of School, said that he was very pleased with the excellent relationships formed and how superbly the Catalan children had integrated into the student body. Mr Pickett, who organised the exchange said; “our aim was to promote multi-cultural understanding and show our students that Spanish is useful in and out of the classroom. They have proven to be a positive distraction at the school, as most students were very eager to engage with them and practice their Spanish." The exchange students visited the local area, took part in a treasure hunt and visited London at the weekend. The following week our TGS students went on their own Spain Trip and visited Seville.

The Gatwick School is looking forward to continuing the international cooperation in the future.

Year 11 Prom Pictures

The Gatwick School's recent Prom celebration was an impressive affair. The schools first ever Year 11 cohort arrived at school in a range of luxury cars and enjoyed both the evening sunshine and refreshments alongside their parents, staff and friends. The main event was held at the very beautiful Alexander House in East Grinstead. Miss Newman Progress Leader for Yr 11, who organised the evening, said that she was so pleased that the students thoroughly enjoyed their Prom and both the girls and boys looked absolutely fantastic on the night. Head of School Mr Roessler, was very impressed with the organisation of a great evening and the students were a real credit to The Gatwick School. 'Onwards and upwards' at The Gatwick School

Here is a link to some pictures from the TGS Prom 2019.

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