Primary Learning

In the Primary Phase (Reception to Year 6) children develop strong foundations in English, Maths, Science and ICT which is based first on the Early Years Foundation Stage and subsequently on The National Curriculum, at time entailing the formal teaching of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar as part of our emphasis on Literacy development. This deep ability in the core subjects underpins learning in all areas. Over our first 2 years more children are displaying Good Levels of Development (GLD) than is the national average.


At the heart of both Primary and Key Stage 3 curricula is Paragon, an innovative teaching and learning programme that integrates Humanities with Technology to create a hands-on learning experience for every student. Paragon takes children on a year-long journey through history, but each different Year Group studies a different geographic place in the world. This is done in termly units based on an essential question that can address skills and content knowledge appropriate for different Year Groups. Paragon provides children with the tools to question themselves and their world. It teaches them to think critically, to articulate their ideas verbally and in writing, and to work proficiently with technology. It is an education that provides children with the knowledge and skills necessary to choose any direction in life.

School Day

Each student has a core School Day. A range of after-school activities and primary childcare are available to create a longer day which will help busy parents. These activities span sport, culture & arts and hobbies such as dance, cinema, drama and gaming.

7:45am Breakfast Club*
8:30am Playground open for arrival
8:45am Registration  
3:00pm End of School Day for Reception and KS1 (Years 1 and 2)
3.15pm End of School Day for KS2 (Years 3 and 4)
3:00pm Clubs & Activities and Childcare starts
4:00pm Clubs & Activities finish for Reception and KS1
4.15pm Clubs & Activities finish for KS2
6:00pm Primary childcare closes*

Some activities are free while others are available at a modest charge. *Breakfast Club and after-school Primary Childcare are chargeable at £3 per session.


We offer the following Opportunities for After School Intellectual Success (OASIS) clubs if your child wishes to attend. In order to plan for the activities and to ensure the correct staffing rations, you must inform the school of your preferred clubs at the beginning of each term.

The clubs will run as above from either 3.00pm to 4.00pm each afternoon for Reception and KS1 and 3.15pm to 4.15pm for KS2,  

We ask that the children bring one healthy item of food to bring as a snack to eat before club.