It is my privilege as Head of School to welcome you to The Gatwick School website.


Our vision is simple – ‘All Can Achieve’.  Students are at the centre of everything we do and we aim to give all the necessary foundations for success by helping students develop the skills and attributes that will provide them with real life-chances. Students are expected to work hard and to achieve their individual best academically, to develop skills relevant to the 21st Century and to develop the self-confidence and sense of purpose necessary for success in a highly competitive global society. The Gatwick School provides a safe and supportive, yet challenging environment where students can succeed and excel. By having the highest of expectations, all can truly achieve.

As an all-through school we pride ourselves on the level of care and support we can provide for all of our students and  families. Students progress seamlessly through the school. From early years, through our primary and secondary phases, we provide superb pastoral support.

At the Gatwick School we do focus on hard work and we achieve excellence in the classroom but learning not only happens in the classroom; our school has a rich and extensive extra curricular programme and wrap around offer, which supports all learners interests. We ultimately aim to deliver, what I think most parents and carers want – happy and healthy well rounded children, who leave school equally well prepared and informed to make the rights choices to secure success at higher and further education or employment.

mark Roessler, head of school

mark Roessler, head of school

It is evidently clear that students and staff love their school. Students will talk to you very passionately and confidently about the journey they have undertaken together and what they want for the future of their school and for themselves. They will talk to you about their school community as being like a family. We have a highly enthusiastic staff team that are truly committed to their students, a staff team that go ‘above and beyond’ on a daily basis. The Gatwick School is truly unique in my opinion, in that it has an innate community feel. I very much encourage you to make an appointment to visit our school and see for yourself the great things that are happening here.

Mark Roessler

Head of School