Re the status of our application to Crawley Borough Council (CBC) for permanent planning approval

We are writing to give you an update as to the status of our planning application.

As you will be aware, our original application was rejected in 2015 by CBC’s Planning Committee and a second application has been lodged that we feel addresses the six reasons for rejection given by the Councillors to our first application.  We were hopeful that this second application would, by now, have been considered by the Planning Committee, however due to the change of timing to the end of the secondary school day (following the consultation process last academic year) there will be a further delay to it reaching the Committee stage because we have to conduct some further surveys to analyse data about how the change might affect the car park operation at the end of the school day. 

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School Building Update


Phase 3 (Block A - School Building facing Gatwick Road)

Wilmott Dixon our building contractors are on schedule to hand over the new ground floor of Block A to the school on Monday 4th September. A number of suppliers and contractors will be onsite installing furniture and equipment during the rest of that week. A few contractors will also be on site in Block B working on the new Primary Library, Primary toilets and Exams Office.

Tempting as it is, there will be no access to staff, students or parents to Block A during the week 4-8th September to allow the contractors to work unimpeded, so that we are ready to teach in the lower part of Block A from Monday 11th September. This does mean that we will have another 2 year groups in Block B for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the first week back to school. Mr Hall has been working hard to plan two Secondary Timetables, one for the first three days back and then one for when the Secondary Phase move into Block A from Monday 11th September.

Block A first floor is ahead of schedule and is now targeted for handover in October.

Phase 4

Wilmott Dixon have been instructed to undertake Phase 4 of the school's development. The scope of Phase 4 includes: Sports Hall; MUGA (Multi Use Games Area); Block C (Reception, Canteen, Library and additional small group rooms); Reception Playground; conversion of temporary rooms in Block B and a new façade.

Subject to planning permission, Wilmott Dixon will be on site in Spring 2018. The build programme will be around 12 months.


The extension of our temporary planning permission is being considered by Crawley Borough Council and will go before the development committee, probably in October.

The new planning application for phase 4 works will be submitted later this month.