Reminder of Revised Car Park Management Rules

In order for The Gatwick School to play its part in reducing traffic pressure on the Manor Royal Business Park, we need all parents to adhere to the following new arrangements. Similar to most schools we have limited car parking on site so it has always been the case that car shares and other modes of transport would be embraced by our students, parents and staff. This is particularly the case as the school grows. As such from September 2019, the following non-negotiable car parking arrangements will take place in order for the school to run smoothly in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Drop off in the morning

Parents are reminded that they must use the “drop and go” system. Parking is not permitted except for Reception parents or other parents in exceptional circumstances and is strictly limited to 5 minutes only. If parking you must use a marked parking bay and not park on grass verges. Parents must switch engines off whilst parked.

There is no right turn out of the school on to Gatwick Road under any circumstances.


Collection in the afternoon

Collection in the afternoon will also be closely monitored. As in the morning, parking is limited to 5 minutes only and must be in a marked bay. Parents must switch engines off whilst parked. Again, there is no right turn on to Gatwick Road.