Secondary Homework

Dear Parent/Carer


Re:  Secondary Homework

May I take this opportunity to welcome all students back to a new and exciting year at The Gatwick School.

As you will be aware, the reduction in the length of the new school day has brought about a need to provide students with an increased element of homework.  A new homework page has been established on the school website which contains clear instructions of tasks which departments have set. You can find it in the Secondary section of the website, or by clicking here. The timetable will refresh each Friday at 17:00 with tasks for the weekend/following week.

To best support students, we have taken the decision to run a daily homework club in the A block atrium, this will run from 15:30 – 16:30 (apart from Fridays) and allows students from all year groups to do homework, access computers and glean help and support from staff.

The sessions will be run by staff in accordance with a rota, students may attend as many/few sessions as they wish, but from time to time may be encouraged to attend specific sessions.


The first round of homework will be issued today at 17:00 and homework club will begin on Monday 23/9.

The following grid outlines the number of hours per week that will be set by departments, with the total number of hours per day a student in a particular year group is expected to complete:


(An ILP is an independent Learning Project.  These are half termly tasks/projects, set by individual departments.)

At The Gatwick School, our aim is to set homework which enthuses, empowers and enforces the learning of students.  We aim to provide all students with access to high quality homework to ensure that they are able to maximize their progress.

We have planned so that student homework hours increase year on year and have based the guided study hours upon volume of curriculum time.

The style/type of homework set will be determined by the Head of Department, but in all cases will feature a regular 'diet' of exam style questions and access to past papers.

E Hall

Deputy Headteacher