A welcome to all our new Year 7 Students and their Parents

Dear Parents / Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you, and your children, to Year 7 at The Gatwick School. We are very excited to have you all joining us, and looking forward to great things from all the students in the future. I am Progress Leader for Year 7 students for the upcoming year – which means that the key features of my role are as follows:

  • Work alongside the attendance officer to track individual student attendance and support strategies to improve attendance to ensure individuals or groups are making expected progress

  • Provide pastoral care and support to improve academic progress

  • Track behaviour data, plan and lead intervention strategies on identified individuals or groups to improve academic progress

  • Track assessment data, plan and lead intervention strategies on identified individuals or groups to improve academic progress

  • Link with outside agencies, other professionals, primary schools and our community to ensure all students are supported to make expected progress

Over the past week I have had the pleasure of meeting all the Year 7 students, and been able to talk with many them a little bit about how they are settling in etc. I have also been able to chat with several parents and have found all of these conversations very positive. As a result of these conversations I am going to pass some further information on to parents and carers.

IT, logins and Google Classroom

All students should have been given their IT logins by this point, including email address, password and print code. They can use these details to log onto the school system and access Google Classroom (they should also be currently using their school print code to purchase food and drink in the Dining Hall, until we complete the Biometric set up for those that will be using it). If any students did not receive this information, or have misplaced it, their House Guardians have access to it and can pass it on to them. House Guardians will also be providing students with a simple, step by step tutorial on how to access Google Classroom and complete homework here over the next week or so.

As parents, you should also be receiving your PAMParent login details very soon. This will enable you to access progress data for your child throughout the year, based on assessments completed within their different subjects at key points. If you do not receive this information, it may be because we do not have an email address for you on our system – if you contact the school and pass on these details we can then use it to set your account up as soon as possible.

House Groups and Ties

I am aware that there have been some changes made for a small number of students regarding which Houses they have been placed in, resulting in some students having the wrong House tie.  We will be arranging an informal ‘Tie Swap’ at some point in the first term, during which students with the wrong House tie will be able to exchange them for a brand new replacement in the correct House colours.  More information on this will be sent out nearer the time.



As a school we are constantly working hard to support our students and families, and to improve attendance across the board.  Attendance is such a key issue and something that has a direct impact not only on students learning and progress, but on their ability to build and develop positive relationships with staff and their peers.  We would like to encourage all parents to support us in this, and try to ensure that students are in school, on time, as much as possible, appointments arranged so as not to impact students’ attendance. No families should be taking holidays in term time.

All students should be within the green section of the Attendance Diamond.


 Most homework will be set online for students to refer to at any time, and this should always be accessible to students through the Google Classroom.

A new homework page has been established on the school website which contains clear instructions of tasks which departments have set. The timetable will refresh each Friday at 17:00 with tasks for the weekend/following week.

To best support students, we have taken the decision to run a daily homework club in the A Block atrium, this will run from 15:30 – 16:30 Mon-Fri and allows students from all year groups to do homework, access computers and receive help and support from staff.

The sessions will be run by staff in accordance with a rota, students may attend as many/few sessions as they wish, but from time to time may be encouraged to attend specific sessions.


The first round of homework will be issued this Friday at 17:00 and homework club will begin on Monday 23/9.

The following grid outlines the number of hours per week that will be set by departments, with the total number of hours per day a student in a particular year group is expected to complete:

(An ILP is an independent Learning Project.  These are half termly tasks/projects, set by individual departments.)


If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss A Bartlett, Progress Lead for Year 7