Biometric recognition System

We are writing to inform you about our plans to introduce a biometric recognition system in September 2019. 

This will involve recording a biometric measurement taken for a finger or thumb, but not a fingerprint image. This will be linked to the canteen till and ParentPay systems, enabling students and staff to pay for their food and drink quickly by scan recognition at the point of sale. This will speed up the payment process at lunch and break times, reducing the amount of time students and staff spend queuing and allowing them to make better use of their free time.

Similar technology is already being used successfully in other schools and we are convinced that this is the right way forward for The Gatwick School. 

Further information is attached to this letter. (click here)

In order for your child to use the biometric system, one parent or carer will need to read and sign the Consent Form by return.  The Form can be found at:

There will be the opportunity to opt out for those students who, upon consideration, would prefer to use alternative forms of identification.  Please can the form be completed by Friday 12 July.

Please also note that we will be providing break snacks and a new fortnightly menu offering jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, a main meal and pudding or a sandwich “meal deal” from September 2019.  Once the menu has been agreed following consultation with students, we will publish this on our website.

If you would like more information or the chance to discuss this further, please feel free to contact Melanie Mercer (Business Manager) or visit the School at one of our Inductions Days to be held on 3 July (Secondary) between 13.30 and 14.30, or 10 July (Primary) between 14.45 and 15.15 .

Yours sincerely

Mark Roessler

Head of School