Primary Newsletter - 20th May 2019


On Monday the majority of year three came into school late, with their bags packed, and brave faces on! They were waved off by their lovely parents in the school car park, and drove just over an hour to Kingswood in Ashford, Kent. On arrival the children put their suitcases in their rooms and made their own beds, quilt covers and all!


Over the course of the two days they had Jacobs ladder, High equilibrium, Nightline, Lazer, Aeroball, Orienteering and other team games to have a go on at the centre. They slept in bunkbed with their friends, ate a range of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and had a campfire and a movie night.

The children learnt a lot about teamwork, collaboration and resilience in their time at Kingswood, and really supported each other in the sudden, fleeting moments of missing home! They were so well behaved, and had a go at every activity, making sure they encouraged each other too.

This experience was fantastic for the children and staff alike, and we hope to continue to take year three children out to enjoy it for years to come!

A huge thank you to Mr Kirk, Mrs Melliard and Miss Newman for chaperoning this trip with me too, it was really fun for everyone and when the teachers get stuck in the way that these did, the whole experience is even better!



The sleepover on Friday last week was great, FOGs raised a huge amount for the school and the children had a great time finding answers to a treasure hunt, playing sports, watching a film and eating pizza, popcorn and sweets! They were well behaved and calm at night, and mostly asleep by midnight! A huge thank you to Miss Amphlett for organising this event, and the support of Miss Mac, Miss O’Neill, Miss Newman, Mr Kirk and Mrs Saltoglu for helping on the day!


This week KS1 and EY winners: Peacocks class 99%

KS2 winners: Dolphins class with 98%

Dates for the Diary

  • Wednesday 22nd May—Y1 Drusillas trip

  • Friday 24th May—Reception Godstone Farm/last day of half term

  • Monday 3rd June—Back to school

  • Friday 7th June—Ice pop sale

  • Monday 8th July—Primary Sports Day

  • Tuesday 9th July—Y3 and Y4 selected students Paragon Extravaganza Hastings

  • Thursday 11th July—Y4 London Trip