Primary Newsletter - 7th October 2019

Primary Leadership


Primary Head Girl, Eliska

Hi, I’m Eliska, the new head girl and I love to read and write stories and poems. I love encouraging people to try their hardest and give it their all. I myself will put in 100% effort to make sure the school is the best it can be. If any students wish for a change, tell me and I will inform student council about the idea. I myself have a few opinions which I will try to make happen.  As head girl, I would like to be able to eat for longer at lunch time, perhaps with Reception, year one and year two coming in earlier, and year three, four and five at the same time so that it is longer for the older children. I would also like to make awards at the end of the year so it isn’t the person with the most Dojos in the year group but the person with the most dojos in class because some teachers give out more than others. I hope the school will consider these options and I look forward to my role as Head Girl.


Primary Head Boy, Tyler

 Hi, I’m Tyler, the new Head Boy in the primary phase. I love technology and usually can solve lots of problems for teachers when they get stuck putting things from their laptops on to their screens. I am really passionate about the success of The Gatwick School—I wrote to Henry Smith the local MP for Crawley over the summer to ask him to support our planning application, and he responded too!

Being Head Boy means that I need to be responsible, kind and treat others how I want to be treated (one of the school rules). As Head Boy I also have to do more because I am not like any other student—I always say ‘you can always do better!’

These two children have been with us since Reception and grown with TGS—they are really keen to lead student council and be the face of our school this year. Both of them set a good example and have the best interests in the school’s future at heart. I am please to have them on our School Leadership team.


Year 5 Theatre Trip

On Friday 4th October the children in year five went down to Brighton to the Theatre Royal to see Tom Gates Live!


The play is based on the best-selling books by Liz Pichon, the production was written by the award-winning producers of Horrible Histories and Gangsta Granny. We were all impressed by the play, particularly the animated scene which depicted illustrations taken from the book. On the coach trip home year 5 were still singing the rather brilliant and catchy DOGZOMBIES songs from the show including, we are one, Delia's a weirdo and Y5 favourite all chips/chips/chips.   A fantastically funny and visually mesmerizing show which really brought to life the Tom Gates books. I hope many of year 5 will be inspired to read the whole Tom Gates collection following the show.  A quick thank you to our parent volunteers and to Year 5 themselves whose behaviour was fantastic! 

Dates for the Diary

  • Tuesday 15th October at 8.45 AM —FOGS drop in open meeting - All welcome

  • W/B 21st October—Paragon Events

  • 21st—25th October—Book Fair