Primary Newsletter - 28th January 2019

Learning in Action


This week has been really exciting around school with the children from Reception through to year four all engaged of lots of different types of learning! Here are some top moments as I had the privilege to pop into !

  • Reception PE learning different ways to move and balance!

  • Year two Paragon in action– the children were becoming mini Michael Angelos, designing a cathedral ceiling the way that he did! Interesting way to get an artists perspective.


Crickets have two new additions! Spider-Man and Spotty the gerbils who are very excited to be cared for by their class. Thank you to Cory in Crickets for bringing these in for us.



This weeks winners for top attendance of the week were:

  • EYFS and KS1: Dragonflies class with 100%

  • KS2: Scorpions class with 98.3%

Dates for the Diary

  • Monday 28th January 2019—Meerkats Swimming

  • Tuesday 23rd January 2019— Turtles Swimming

  • Friday 1st February 2019—Inset day