Primary Newsletter - 14th January 2019


This term we have been focusing on attendance to make sure that the children are in school as much as possible! Poor attendance is known to affect children’s academics, behaviour and socialising skills. If children aren’t in school, they can’t learn! Good attendance is above 96% and we are working hard to make sure children enjoy their school day and want to come to school every day! To make sure the children are aware of this, we have started a competition. Each week the top attendance classes will get a small treat, this week it was mini KitKat! The class with the most top attendance weeks will then get a bigger treat, such as a pizza party, on the last week of term! This weeks winners were:

EYFS and KS1: Crickets class with 100%

KS2: Scorpions class with 98.7%

Please support the children in being in school as much as possible, and if there is a reason for absence please call the school office at your earliest convenience. Our sickness and diarrhoea policy is 24 hours clear.


Each term our clubs can change, and so we ask that children are signed up each time. If they are doing dance, football or mindfulness they do not need to sign up for the usual club as they will not be there and so the space can be used for another student.

You will get a space unless contacted by Miss Nagji and children can begin attending these straight away!

Pupil Premium

You may not be aware that schools are given extra funding called Pupil Premium for children who are entitled to claim Free School Meals. We know from our records that a number of parents do not claim for their entitlement.

This funding should not be confused with Universal Free School Meals which is eligible to all students in Foundation Stage Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Pupil Premium is an entitlement that continues throughout your child’s schooling and attracts additional funding to support your child’s learning and other opportunities.

If your child qualifies for free school meals and you haven’t already informed us, please may I request that you email Mrs Mitchinson Office Manager your name and National Insurance Number no later than Monday 14th January 2019. There is no longer a need to provide evidence for this as we are able to run a confidential check through a secure government website.

Your child does not have to actually have the free school meal each day and can continue to have a packed lunch if they prefer.

Dates for the Diary

  • Monday 14th January 2019—Meerkats Swimming

  • Tuesday 15th January 2019— Turtles Swimming

  • Friday 1st February 2019—Inset day