Heads Update Mon 10th September 2018


Dear all,
I just wanted to write a very quick update on what has been a very positive start of term for The Gatwick School.

We enthusiastically welcomed our new Year 7 students last week and they have continued to impress us all. We currently have 114 Year 7s and are admitting more daily. This is fantastic news for us and they are now our largest year group by far.

Our Year 11s have returned to school focused and appear 'up for the GCSE Year challenge' more so than before the break. Our other Secondary Phase students have settled in really well across the school as well. Our Primary Phase students also seem very happy to be back in school and many can't stop telling me what they did over the holidays. In classes they are all enjoying their new learning activities and topics.

I am also very pleased with the staff team that we have for 2018-19. I have recruited hard for our increased student numbers and the new and previous staff are showing not only love and care for your children but strong learning outcomes already. We have some outstanding practioners at TGS and I am very keen to see how they can challenge all our children this year to be their very best.

I thank all parents and carers for ensuring that students have returned with good uniform and equipment. Please can I emphasise that it 'is the little things that count' and uniform is an important part of that ethos and aspiration.

On Wednesday, we will warmly welcome out new Reception children to TGS and expect them all to transition from our feeder nurseries really well and very quickly. 

With the additional 114 Year 7 students starting last week and the 60 new Reception students starting on Wednesday, this is naturally going to bring additional car park usage. Please could I ask that parents and carers only park in designated white lined spaces and that due care and consideration be taken when parking or pulling out of spaces. A reminder to all that we operate a 'Drop Off' zone in the morning from 8.15am for Primary Phase students in the coned area. 'Drop Off' is exactly as it states. Please drive straight into this coned area, kiss you child good bye, let them out of a left side door of your car and then depart from the car park. If you do park up and walk your child in then please be conscious to walk carefully on the pathways or lined walk way area and then try and leave swiftly as not to block the space for other parents. I would encourage as many Primary Phase parents to use the drop off facility and to drop off on your child's staggered start time as to avoid creating a pinch point in the car park.


Secondary Phase parents are strongly encouraged not to drive their children to school. It would be fantastic if children walked or biked to and from school (improving their own health) or use the plentiful Metrobus routes which service the school. This would ease car parking and allow parents stress free mornings. Finally, please no right turn when exiting the school by vehicle. This is a requirement from Highways and part of our School Travel Plan to secure full planning permission. If you turn right you are clogging up the car park for other parents and also potentially likely to cause a collision driving across oncoming traffic.

Thank you in advance for your support

Kind regards

Mr Roessler, Head of School