Primary Newsletter - 14th June 2018

World Ocean Day

Year three have been looking at the climate, and how the world is changing because of how people treat the environment. They celebrated World Ocean Day last Friday 8th June, and learnt about how animals are affected by the waste we throw away, and the litter found in Oceans. They taught us about this, and what we could do instead by recycling to help save the animals and our Oceans. Well done, and thank you Year three  - I hope lots of children will start using reusable bags and refilling water bottles!



Please don’t forget that school clubs finish at 3.50pm, 4pm and 4.15pm. Please ensure your child is committed to a  club, or picked up at the end of the school day.


Grade One Dance

Another child in Year three has brought in her certificate for Indian dancing, also receiving a distinction in her Grade one!

FOGS Update

Next month is the AGM for FOGS too so if you want to get involved in supporting our school, please come to the meeting on Monday 9th July at 7pm.

The FOGS have done a fantastic job of supporting the school with picnic benches, table tennis tables, hoops, skipping ropes and bowling sets for the playground. The children are really enjoying using all of this at break and lunch!

Dates for the Diary

  • Wednesday 20th June—Dolphins Swimming
  • Monday 18th June—Y1 Drusillas Trip
  • Wednesday 20th June—Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in school performance
  • Tuesday 26th June—Paragon Spectacular Hastings
  • Thursday 28th June—Y2 Go Ape Trip

Reception Police Visit

This week Reception were really looking forward to meeting people who help us in our communities. Unfortunately the Fire Brigade were called out to an emergency on Monday, so they have had to rebook to see us in a couple of weeks! They were very lucky however to meet two police officers who came into class and taught them all about what the police do, how they help people, the transport they use and how they can be contacted. They looked at pictures of sniffer dogs and police horses, tried on different police hats—from cadets to supervisors—and went out into the Police van. They also got to put on the flashing lights and sirens while they were outside!