No Right Turn - Follow Up


Following my recent request for parents not to turn right when exiting the school, I am happy to inform you that virtually all parents are following left turn only procedure. This in turn is speeding up exit and reducing the build up of cars in the car park which is very positive for all. Thank you to parents who shared advice on Facebook and for supporting me in this request.

I now need to firmly ask that when in the school car park that you only park in designated white lined spaces and definitely not on yellow lines or near the entrance to the school from Tinsley Lane North or the exit onto Gatwick Road. As stated previously we are absolutely determined to secure full planning permission in June in order to complete the final build plans which include: sports hall, canteen, library, school reception area, SEND rooms, outside cladding & windows, playground development including a multi use game area and overall landscaping.

Highways Agency will be checking to see if the car park runs smoothly and does not negatively affect our local community. If cars are parked in non designated areas and entry and exits are not smooth this will jeopardise our chances of securing full planning permission and will certainly delay the school from securing these additional facilities for probably between 18 to 24 months. This is too long for our students to wait. Please could we all work to together to achieve the next stage of The Gatwick School's development - it is in sight!!

Mr Roessler, Head of School