No Right Turn

I have requested on numerous occasions that parents do not turn right when exiting the school onto Gatwick Road. Today I placed cones to encourage and divert parents to only turn left when exiting onto Gatwick Road on both drop off and pick up and I as Head of School stood there to watch if some of our parents still would turn right. To my absolute amazement several of our parents ignored this cone diversion and still proceeded to turn right across some relatively busy traffic. Even more staggering was a parent who had a school child on the back of his motorbike who I saw turn right and then weave in and out of oncoming traffic. This is of course very dangerous behaviour on any level. 

I am asking once again and again very politely that all of our parents only turn left out of the school onto Gatwick Road. Please can all follow this simple request in order to prevent an accident occurring by turning onto oncoming traffic. Please can all follow this simple request to prevent back up of traffic in our car park. The Highways Agency are watching our entry and exit habits, and parents who do not follow this simple request could certainly jeopardise the school from getting full planning permission. This would be a hugely negative outcome for our school as it would mean no Sports Hall, no Multi Use Games Area, no Library and no Canteen for your children. 

For a few individuals, please take a moment to think about what you are doing, probably just to save a minute or so. For the majority of you, I thank you for continued support for our school and for you supporting all the children in the our school who need and deserve these additional facilities.

Mr Roessler

Head of School