Welcome back from Ms Nagji, Deputy Head

Welcome back! The summer term starts with sunshine forecast and teachers have been in school working on kicking off the final term with a bang.

We love the summer term - outdoor PE lessons, summer trips and events such as sports day and prize giving as well as welcoming our new year sevens and Reception children to step up events, and having trial afternoons in our new year groups. It is already set to be a busy 12 weeks!


Last term, the primary phase children had a number of exciting trips out of school, and visitors that came in to work with them, and the children have made us very proud in their behaviour and engagement in their trips out of school and in the questions and understanding of the information they have been given from visitors.

Perform and Mark Robertson have supplemented our English teaching and learning. Perform taught the children how to work with words to display them in the form of actions. They encouraged them to understand the words in the story through adding actions. After that, Mark Robertson, the writer of books such as Egg and Pet Dragon, came in and worked with all the year groups on story telling and expression, and they worked with him to learn how illustration works. The children all drew complex dragons and used these to inspire stories.

Our STEM work this term was supplemented by UGLY animals, ZooLab and Thales throughout the term. They learnt about the preservation of animals and how animals all affect each other through the ecosystem. ZooLab brought animals such as giant snails, tarantulas and mice for the children to see, hold and understand how to care for. Thales have worked with the children on programming small 'robots' called OzBots. These use different colour combinations to understand what they had to do teaching the children about algorithms and coding.


Outdoor educational visits such as the Year two trip to Boxhill, and Year one trip to Hampton Court, were exciting and fun as well as educational. The children in Year two really enjoyed walking through the woods, learning about habitats and playing in the forest, climbing and rolling in the muddy hills. The Year ones have learnt about how Henry the 8th used to live, and had picnics at lunch time. 

The Year three children have taken like fish to water in their swimming lessons. They are progressing really well with front crawl and back stroke, and really enjoyed the last lesson this term where they were allowed all the floats in the water to have a splash around! They are also looking forward to a residential, and a trip to the National History Museum this term. 

Reception are looking forward to two big trips this term, they are going to learn about ingredients and cooking at Pizza Express, and going to Ladyland Farm to learn about how to care for animals, and what impact animals and farms have in our lives such as how wool and milk is made.

We can't wait for all the events that the next term brings for us, and we're all working hard in Year one for the phonics screening in June, and in Year two for SATs in May. It is going to be a hard-working, but fun filled summer!