Science and STEM

The Science, technology, engineering and stem club at the Gatwick school in September. We have been growing in numbers since and have had some excellent successes and some great number of successful mistakes. Let me take this opportunity to discuss our progress this year and where we hope to be in the future. 

We started the year with a project to build a aquadrone have a look at the website the students produced here 

The concept was to allow the students to learn through building technology to solve a problem. The problem being 'how can we measure the quality of our wetland areas in Crawley , without getting wet', the students had the idea to create a submarine that could see under the lakes, ponds and streams and measure the quality of the water. 

The project is supported by a French university educational research group called Les Savanturiers and had been a great success in France as a tool to support learning through experimentation.

The project is student led and we frequently meet to discuss progress with fellow students working on a sister project at Ifield Community College. 

By Dr R Keelen

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