FOGS Easter Cake Competition

Our resident FOGS Cake Artiste has created a gorgeous Easter Bunny Cake to raise money for the school, and you can win this scrumptious treat for only £1.

All you need to do is pay your £1, choose a square on the Easter Bunny Cake grid and write your contact details in it. If your square is the winning position, then the cake is all yours.

The winning location will be revealed on Wednesday, 28th March as part of the Easter Hamper raffle draw and the cake can be collected on the final day of term, Thursday 29th March.

If for some reason, the winning square is not taken by anybody, you have another chance to get your hands on this beautiful, yummy creation. You can submit a blind auction amount that you would be willing to pay for this unique item, and in the event that the cake is not won, the highest bidder will get the cake for the amount that they bid. The blind auction is free to enter - you will not pay anything, unless you are the lucky winner. You do not have to buy a square to be able to enter a bid auction bid.

The competition will be open for entries at both performances of Oliver! and also in Reception of Block B, so don't forget to bring a couple of extra pounds in the next few days, and pick your square.