Internet Security Hints and Tips


Billions of successful and positive uses of the  internet happen every minute of every day. Children have grown up immersed in the use of screens and online activities

As a parent/carer you have a  right and a duty to monitor the use of the internet, social media and television viewing within your home.

Here are some to tips for things to do to help your child stay safe:

  • Do try and make sure that when children use a  device that provides access online it is in a family space within your home
  • Do limit the time your children spend online. Research shows that children benefit physically and emotionally from a varied range of activities that includes time away from the online world.
  • Do talk about online safety at home. Television, internet and the digital world provide a wealth of positive learning opportunities. Just like any other activity that your child takes part in you need to assess the risks, put in appropriate boundaries and help them to learn how to stay safe.
  • Do make use of parental controls on the home wifi, devices and search engines to filter and block content that is not appropriate for the age of your children.
  • Do consider the age limits that have been set for Films including You Tube and Social Media Apps. Most Social Media Apps are only suitable for children aged 13  years or older. If  you are allowing your child to use these Apps before they are 13 you are going to have to work extra hard to teach them how to stay safe.
  • Do make use of the tools built into  Internet  Explorer 8 by CEOP called Zip it, Block it, Flag it. This teaches children to do something about a problem themselves.

Top Tips from children about how to keep them safe online

  • Don’t wait until there is a problem  before you start talking about it
  • Have rules which you both  you and your child agree to, such as no devices during dinner or in the bedroom. One hour of screen –free time before bed. No pictures of others unless they have agreed.
  • Share your knowledge about how to keep safe and your expectations for kind and positive behaviour .
  • Be a good role model in everything , from privacy settings  to the content of your posts.
  • Don’t stop your child from going online and don’t block everything that might interest them.
  • Children need to learn to stay safe online from you in the same way as you have taught them to cross the road safely

There are numerous websites and helplines offering advice and  support. 

If you would like further advice and support please speak to the school, we will be very happy to help!