Primary Newsletter - 26th November 2018

WE Workshop

On Friday 16th November, WE workshops came to TGS to work with KS2. The day began with a whole school assembly introducing the WE Schools programme and highlighting the power of young people.  After that, a group of 30 children from KS2 went into a group session with WE beginning with some games to get to know each other better and look at their team building skills.

After lunch, the pupils were split into groups and each group was given an Article from the UNCRC. Each group was asked to explain what their right meant and why it was important. They took part in activities to help them understand Child Rights and what might happen if they didn't have them. The children listened to some tricky case studies about a lack of rights and they felt sad for children who didn’t have these rights because they are basic things that we all deserve.


Finally, the group worked on an action planning session with WE to think about how they can work towards. First, they voted for the UNCRC Article that they really wanted to do something about. They voted for Article 23 – ‘Children have the right to special education and care if they have a disability’. They were introduced them to the ‘Five ways to make a change’ and asked them which way they felt would be the best way to make a change. The pupils came to the conclusion that they wanted to do fundraising and awareness-raising as they felt they were both important parts of taking action on this issue.

It was really interesting to work with WE, as children sometimes don’t realise some basic things they do are in fact rights, and even more so, that some people don’t have those rights.

The children are very excited about planning to support children’s rights—watch this space!

Beaver Achievement


One of our Y4 children, Jamie  has been photographed here receiving an award from the Mayor of Crawley for outstanding achievement in Beavers! Well done Jamie!

Dates for the Diary

  • Thursday 29th November  2018—FOGS drop and shop

  • Monday 10th December 2018—Reception Nativity

  • Tuesday 11th December 2018—KS1 Nativity

  • Thursday 13th December 2018—KS2 Nativity



These children won the Christmas card competition for Henry Smith’s annual Christmas card design. Henry Smith will be in school to present their certificates soon—Watch this space!