Primary Newsletter - 19th November


Sussex Garden Craft

This term we have a beautiful 5ft Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree in the front of B Block reception area. This has been supplied by Sussex Garden Craft who are selling Christmas Trees which can be delivered to you at school in December. Sussex Garden Craft will donate a portion of their profit from selling Christmas Trees back to the Friends of Gatwick School which will benefit the children’s school life.


All trees will be delivered netted so that they will fit in the car. They will be delivered on Monday 10th December 2018.

Open Day

On Thursday 15th November we had our Primary Open Day for children looking for school places in Reception 2019-2020. The event was well attended for tours in the morning, and the talk from the head teacher in the evening. A huge thank you to all the children, parents and staff who supported the school on this event as the visiting families had a really positive experience.


Year 4 Drums

On Friday Year 4 had a special assembly where they were able to hear and test the drum kit! This was to show the children what it might be like to learn the drums with Sussex Music School. If your child is in Year 4 or above they can sign up online at

Dates for the Diary

  • Thursday 29th November  2018—FOGS drop and shop

  • Monday 10th December 2018—Reception Nativity

  • Tuesday 11th December 2018—KS1 Nativity

  • Thursday 13th December 2018—KS2 Nativity