Primary Newsletter - 12th November 2019


Primary Update

Last week was Diwali and we celebrated in all the classrooms. The children worked with me during the day on the Diwali story, discussing how good conquered evil and sharing how families, including my own, celebrate Diwali. I made sweets with the children from coconut and condensed milk which they brought home to share with you! I have since had a few children tell me they have made them at home so it seems they enjoyed them!

You can use Kayden’s instructions in photos here if you want to have a go too!



Remembrance Day

This morning we had a special assembly for Remembrance day. Mr Keightley taught us about the poppy and what it represents. We had a minutes silence to think of the fallen and listened to some beautiful poems read by our Year fours.


Dates for Your Diary

  • Thursday 15th November 2018—Open day

  • Thursday 29th November  2018—FOGS drop and shop

  • Monday 10th December 2018—Reception Nativity

  • Tuesday 11th December 2018—KS1 Nativity

  • Thursday 13th December 2018—KS2 Nativity


School Lunches


We would like to request that children bring healthy foods for lunch. Please make sure that lunches are packed with a balance of items and the children are not bringing in multiple chocolate/sweets/crisps options. We are also a nut free school and have to stop children from opening anything that contains nuts as there are others with allergies in school. These items will be returned home in their boxes if we tell them they can’t have them in school. Don’t forget you can view our school menus on the website and encourage your child to eat a hot lunch. Please make sure that water bottles only contain water for school too—juice and squash contains a lot of sugar.

Thank you.