A big Primary Welcome back to you all!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The end of term was really busy and exciting! All the children went to see Santa on Monday 18th December and had a big primary party on Tuesday 19th December. They also made reindeer food, decorations and presents to take home for their families ready for the festive period before the whole school assembly!


During the assembly, awards were won for the most Dojo points, best cake in the Bake Off, Highest Earner of the Reindeer Run and a prize draw for 100% attendance. The children also enjoyed songs sung by secondary pupils, Y2 and Y3 joined in singing Band Aid ‘Do they know it’s Christmas Time’ and watched a funny re-work of ‘Mans not hot’ by some very brave staff!

On Friday 15th December we noticed a sign on an old office door, ‘A visitor is on his way, please do not touch, this must remain perfect for us on Monday, Buddy, the Elf’. There was whispers of who may have been involved, who would our visitor be? Teachers were questioned, year three was sure they knew…

Monday arrived and the children couldn’t wait to see who was inside…but nothing, not a stir, the sign remained and no one had come. When can we go in there? Who is that for? What’s under the tree?

Bells started to ring, and the children were excited, could they have been right? Santa arrived and there was a sudden silence across classes, whispers of ‘when can we see Santa’ and children on their best behaviour.

Each class went in and sat by the tree, one by one telling Santa what they were most looking forward to. They stroked his reindeer and received a present, books that they were reading before they had even left the room.


This term has started smoothly, with children back into routines fast and staff kicking off new Paragon units this week. We will be deepening understanding of books and reading through Talk for Writing in primary classes where a high quality text will be taught in a class using a new approach which deepens their understanding of the text, and in turn helps them to improve their writing.

We will have a Paragon event at the end of half term, and plan to invite parents into school to give you an understanding of Phonics, Tapestry, Talk for Writing, Phonics Screenings and SATs exams! Next half term also includes a parents evening in early March.