Primary Newsletter - 26th January 2018

Primary Update

On Wednesday this week Dragonflies took our primary assembly. They welcomed us to a Renaissance mascarade ball where they showed us a dance that lords and ladies used to do. They then explained some of the information they have learnt during this unit.

Well done Dragonflies, we really enjoyed the music and dancing. 



Paragon Project

Stephen in Year 2 made an amazing ship for his Paragon homework this half term.  He worked on it at home using all recycled materials—Mrs Sheldrake was so impressed she has awarded him with our first Eco-Warriors certificate in assembly today. Well done Stephen!

Student Council

Student council have been working hard on making our school into an Eco-friendly school. They have led an assembly and been into each classroom to explain the importance of them using their recycling bin properly. Each bin has been labelled to help the class to recognise what to put in each bin. They are also looking out for children who are recycling correctly, and we are hoping to get a battery bin for the school so that we can recycle batteries correctly!



Star of the Week

Peacocks:  Amrit and Etienne

Penguins:  Aser and Sofia

Crickets:  Roman and Casey

Dragonflies: Aya and Matthew

Foxes: Tymon and Ingrid

Hedgehogs: Katelynn and Arnav

Dolphins: Charlie and Marie

Turtles:  Sam and Archie