Primary Newsletter - 19th January 2018

Primary Update

On Tuesday our Year twos, Foxes class, took our assembly. They taught the school about New Year’s Resolutions and explained why they are made, and what they had decided to do in 2018!

We are hoping that they stick to them—reading every day and helping out mums and dads with their chores at home would be a great help for everyone!


Yoga Assembly


On Monday the whole school warmed up for the week in music assembly with a Yoga programme. They were really good at following all the poses and staying quiet and focused through the session. A great start to the week! Thank you Miss Amphlett!

Young Writers

In Year 2 after school club, Mr Keightley has entered our children’s writing into the young writers Mini Saga Competition.

4 of our children were selected to be published out of 25000 entries. Poems by 2 other children were also chosen out of 12,000 entries for a book last week! Well done Year 2 writers!


Year 3 Swimming


Year 3 have started swimming lessons on alternate weeks this month. They will continue this all the way through to the summer term.

So far each class has been once and really enjoyed the experience. Initially the sessions have assessed them and they are in groups of swimmers and non-swimmers. We look forward to watching them progress over the term.

FOGS Update

The Friends of Gatwick School have been working hard on setting up events for you and your children to raise funds for the school.

Last year they held Primary discos and raffles for Christmas Hampers which went down a treat.

To help them to continue this term, we would really appreciate any parents, carers or friends to join the FOGS team.

The next meeting is on Thursday 1st February at 830am in B Block boardroom.

This term they are planning:

  • Secondary Disco—Wednesday 7th February 2018
  • Mufti Day—Friday 9th February 2018
  • Oliver Refreshments—Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd March 2018
  • Easter Hampers—Raffle drawn 28th March 2018
  • Year 2 Sleepover—Friday 18th May 2018

If you are able to support any of these events, please join us for the meeting on Thursday 1st February 2018.

Stars of the Week


Peacocks:  Cory M and Ameilia

Penguins:  Emma and James

Crickets:  Casey and Lena

Dragonflies: Freddie and Tharsen

Foxes: Stanley and Maddy

Hedgehogs: Georgios and Sophia

Dolphins: Aizah and Arshia

Turtles:  Milly and Alesha

We also had some fantastic hard work from our phonics groups who received awards this morning too! Well done and keep up the hard work!