Dragonflies share their New Years resolutions

Dragonflies had a fantastic Christmas break and were very enthusiastic to get back into school this week. They came in eagerly to the classroom, excited to share their news and listen to what they friends had been up to during the break.

On Friday we discussed New Year’s Resolutions and where the tradition arose from. We also sang Auld Lang Syne and had a go at learning the words, with the famous dance! We looked at a world map and found which countries celebrate the new year first (Kiritimati, Christmas Island and Kiribati being some of the first) and then the last countries (Honolulu and Hawaii).

We shared how we celebrated New Year’s Eve, lots of Dragonflies stayed up until midnight; “I had a party with my friends”, “we had presents and took our dog for a walk”, “I watched the fireworks, there were so many colours”. We then had a go at writing some of our New Year resolution and made a beautiful display on the window. We had lots of different ideas for resolutions, some of us want to be able to swim without armbands, and some of us want to improve our reading. A few Dragonflies wanted to ride their bikes without stabilizers and lots of us wanted to improve our handwriting. Other resolutions were to ‘learn more maths and count to 1000.


In Paragon this term we are going to be learning about The Renaissance; last term we really enjoyed our paragon topic about Africa. Some of the activities we did last term were making African music and learning about African houses. In our new topic are key learning areas are ‘What clothes do we wear?’, ‘The Renaissance’, ‘Renaissance Kings and Queens’, ‘Masquerade Ball’ and ‘Where do clothes come from?’.

So far we have discussed different types of clothes, we have explored what clothes we wear when it is hot and cold and what we might wear to a special event. For our Paragon event we are going to be making an item of clothing at home and then going to share it with our peers as well as the other parents.

In PE this term we are very excited to be learning a new sport – Netball! We learn and practise netball on Thursday’s where we focus on throwing, catching, and invasion skills. On Wednesday we are developing our gymnastic skills where we are making routines and designing creative balances.

We are very excited for the upcoming term!