Year 2 Sleepover

On Friday 31st March we had a sleepover in school for Year 2. They were so good at working with each other to find answers to the clues of the treasure hunt, handled and learnt about snakes, ate pizza and watched a film all before bed! In the morning they had breakfast and were awarded prizes for their behaviour, helpfulness and bravery before playing some games and then going home. A huge thank you to all the children for being fantastic for the night, we didn't have to make any phone calls home and we all got some sleep! We raised a fantastic amount of money for the 5-0 Project and hope to see this become an annual event! I would also like to thank all the staff for helping out, Miss McGuffog, Miss Amphlett, Mr James, Miss Goswell, Miss Webber and Mr Keightley all kept up the brave faces through the snakes information evening, served food and played games as well as checking on the children throughout the night. Finally one of our parents, Mr Bradbury provided an interesting and exciting talk for the children where they learnt about snakes and were able to touch them. He really helped them to face some fears and shared lots of information on how to care for animals—Thank you!