Its been a busy week

Mark Roessler, Head of School

Mark Roessler, Head of School

We have certainly been very busy over the last few weeks. This weeks 8 page Newsletter shows a variety of activities which the students and staff have engaged in. Every day is a learning experience which we endeavour to capture and share with you. It is your children that teach me something new every day…… thank you.

To give you a flavour of what our students have experienced over the past few days, we have had:

In Primary:

  • A visit to Pizza Express
  • A dance company visit 
  • A pyjama day
  • A year 2 sleepover
  • Yoga training

In Secondary:

  • A visit to learn about Appreniceships
  • Humanotopia events
  • A reward trip to Chessington World of Adventures

I heartily recommend that you check out the pictures for these events as they capture the vision for our school in terms of the enrichment activities that we provide our students.