Newsletter - 15th December 2017

It has been such a busy but successful term! Thank you all so much for your on-going support, the children have worked hard both at school and through home works, supported open-evenings and sponsored events, raised money for a range of charities and showed off their talents in Nativities and concerts as well as paragon afternoons.

Thank you all for your support, they have been able to do so because of the support from our families.

Hope you all have a lovely break and enjoy a good rest and fun festive period. We look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

On Wednesday Peacocks class took our class assembly. They worked really hard in PE to learn a song and dance that they showed to the whole school! Well done Peacocks, and thank you Mrs C and Miss O’Neil for your hard work in practicing with them!


Changes to Dojo

We have been working hard on our behaviour this year. Children have new Dojo charts in their classroom to help keep track of their behaviour. They are doing really well at climbing through from 1 to 5 to 10 dojos a day sometimes! However we have also reinforced the 3 warnings with our new chart, and after that they lose a dojo, time off their break time or get sent to senior leadership. Children have taken it on really well and are keen to move up the chart and we are hoping not to have to move anyone down. The new chart will be in all classrooms after the holidays.


Stars of the Week


Peacocks:  Roux and Dakota
Penguins:  Isa and  Olly


Foxes: Nade-Ali and Lourenco
Hedgehogs: Mia and Kareem


Crickets: Jessica
Dragonflies: Mariyum and Ayan


Dolphins: Bella R and Chloe W
Turtles:  Ava G and Josh S

Some of our children received diamond Greedy readers, for reading everyday at home!