Severe Weather Parent Communications

Dear Parents/Carers,

In advance of any potential severe weather warnings this term, this letter outlines the arrangements that we have in place.

The school will be open as usual unless a decision is taken that it is deemed unsafe to do so.

In the case of heavy snow overnight, if the school was to be closed, we would alert parents by Text and Email as early as possible and no later than 7.15am. A message would also be placed on the school website. 

Should the decision be made during a school day of closure, we will inform parents via Text and Email. Please be assured that your child will be supervised fully until such a point that they can be collected or make their own way home safely. Please do not to contact your child during the school day regarding weather updates. The school will also directly liaise with Metrobus and update parents as required. 

Please only rely on information you receive directly from official communications at The Gatwick School and avoid calling the school where possible.

We will review any weather situation frequently as the safety of students and staff is always paramount to us.

Kind regards

Mark Roessler, Head of School