Year 11 Spanish

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are writing in regards to your child’s upcoming GCSE/EBacc exams in Spanish.

The MFL department has created a range of extra opportunities for students to work on their language and exams skills.

These include:

  • Google classroom (with access to Power Point presentations, exercises, videos and homework)

  • Duolingo (interactive platform for speaking, writing, listening and reading practice) All students are expected to download it onto their devices and spend 5 minutes a day practicing their skills – all students should finish it by April.

  • Kerboodle – a platform with access to AQA GCSE course books and papers.

  • Lunchtime Homework/Revision Club Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:30-1:50

  • Three dedicated after school clubs 4:30-5:30,

    • Tuesdays: BU9 Mr Pickett GCSE Writing/Speaking Spanish Revision club

    • Thursdays: BU12 Mr Rodriguez GCSE Reading/Listening Spanish Revision club

    • Fridays: BU8 Mr Alarcon GCSE Writing/Speaking GCSE Spanish Revision club

All students are encouraged to use these opportunities.

We also strongly suggest that the following publications are bought as a means of preparation/revision before each progress check:

  • GCSE AQA Spanish Complete Revision and Practice CGP ISBN 978-1-78294-548-2

  • GCSE AQA Spanish Higher Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-836585-3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,

Mr B Pickett, Head of MFL