Crawley Careers Fair for Year 9 Pupils


On Tuesday 25th September the event mentioned here is taking place in Crawley at K2 Crawley Leisure Centre.

Year 9 students will be given permission to attend this event. An afternoon time slot has been booked for them between 12.45-2.45pm. We will therefore let them depart from school at 12.00pm on the day, in order to give them enough time to make their own way there. Pupils can only attend with your permission, and on the understanding that they are attending the event. School staff will be at the event to monitor attendance. Our clear expectation is that any Year 9 pupils who do not want to attend, will remain in school and continue with the rest of the school day as normal.

There will be a large number of employers and further education providers in attendance at the event along with the National Careers Service and West Sussex Careers Advisors, there will also be several current Apprentices on hand to discuss their experiences. We feel this would be an excellent opportunity for our pupils to learn about the range of options open to them while continuing their journey to success. There is no charge for this event. Year 9s have an arrival time slot of 12:45.

If for any reason they cannot attend, absences will have to be communicated to the school as normal. We look forward to sharing this exciting opportunity with your child.

Kind regards,

Sonya Hyde, Assistant Headteacher