Year 10 GCSE Mock Results Day – Thursday 12th July 2018, 4.00-4.30pm

Dear Parent/ Carer of a year 10 Student

As you will be aware Year 10s have been undertaking GCSE Mock Exams over the last 2 weeks in preparation for two further Mock Exams in Year 11 and then their final GCSE Exams next summer. As such I would like to invite you as their Parents and Carers into the school to share the journey the children are on and be part of a short informal assembly where we will distribute their results envelopes for them to open.

The assembly will take place next Thursday 4.00-4.30pm in Secondary Phase Block A Assembly Hall. I appreciate you may have work and other commitments but if you are able to make it this will make it a significant event for the children. Refreshments will be available.

Kind regards

Mark Roessler, Deputy Head of School