Year One Term 5 Newsletter

Thank you so much for all your hard work this term, the children were fantastic at singing in their last Paragon event.

Unit 5 asks the essential question, "How did people live off the land?" where we will explore Australia and learn about aboriginal art and music as well as about the climate and animals found there. In English we will be concentrating on spelling and reading comprehension. Maths will work on consolidating number and sequences, considering capacity, weight and money as well as practicing our number bonds.

Our next paragon event will invite parents into our classrooms to share our learning on Thursday 24th May at 2.30pm.


We love our celebration assemblies, the children take pride in their achievements and are ReadÄng always very excited to see who has got star of the week, or reading certificates in class. Please ensure you date your child's reading record every time they read at home with you, or another adult, so that we can award their hard work.


Hopefully this term we will begin to see the sun! Please make sure your child comes into school with a named water bottle and hat for break times, and should you wish for them to have sun cream on it must be applied before school. We are unable to apply sun cream for children for child protection reasons.

Yours Sincerely,

Nirali Nagji

(Deputy Head)