Proposed GCSE Science + Geography Trip to Iceland March 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have exciting news! The Geography and Science Department would like to take your child on a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland. The trip will link to the Science and Geography curriculum in a range of ways and will prepare them for all four of the subject’s exam papers. Students will stand on glaciers, explore the North American and Eurasian tectonic plate boundary, see geothermal power at work and relax in Iceland’s oldest swimming pool. This is an amazing opportunity and we would love your child to join us.

We have looked at a range of tour operators to get the most competitive rate and have chosen Discover Education, flying with WOW airlines from Gatwick Airport.

The trip will be in February 2019 and students will have 4 days and 3 nights in Iceland. Travelling at this time of year means students could experience the Northern Lights. Currently the trip breakdown is as follows;

Tour Price Flying with WOW airline: £970.00

We have tried our very best to lower the cost without impacting the quality of the trip. Payment for the trip will be completed via monthly instalments. The current price is subject to change up until the point of booking and the number of students interested. We already have 16 year 9 and year 10’s who have paid the deposit. More students will mean the price will come down.

Please could you complete and return the notification form on the printer friendly version of this letter below which provides notification of firm interest in your child taking part in the trip by Wednesday 4th April. You could also email me directly. Once a confirmation is received, you will get a notification from finance giving you details of how and when to pay.

Kind regards,

Mr Shah (Trip Organiser)

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