Primary Phase - Parent Governor Vacancy

There is currently one vacancy for a parent/carer of a primary phase pupil to serve as a member on the school’s Local Academy Board (LAB). Parent members play a very important role in keeping the leadership aware of the parental perspective and form a vital part of our team.

Nominees need to have an interest in the school and our children’s welfare as well as the time and willingness to be involved as the schools’ ‘critical friend’. It is expected that members attend the four LAB meetings each year, read and ask questions to the school leadership re the papers presented to the meeting and members are expected to visit the school for formal and informal monitoring and reporting purposes. LAB members are given training and may also occasionally be asked to serve an ad-hoc committee. The term of office is for up to four years and whilst you have a child within the primary phase of the school. LAB members do not need to be ‘experts’ in education and they do not ‘represent’ parents, but being a LAB member gives parents and guardians an opportunity to be responsible for the conduct of the school and to promote high standards.

I do hope that there are parents and carers willing to give their time and commitment to this important role and it two or more nominations are received, we will ask each candidate to submit a 100-150 word election statement which will be used to prepare the ballot paper to be send to each parent and carer.

If you would like any more information including the terms of reference for the Local Academy Board, please contact the Head of School, Mr Roessler, the school office or the school’s Clerk, Anna Bartlett: If you wish to put your name forward and potentially stand for election, please complete the attached and submit your name to the school by noon on Friday 23rd February 2018.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Boyle (LAB Chair)

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