Year 3 Residential Information Letter

On Monday 19th March 2018 we would like to invite you to attend an information evening for the upcoming residential trip to Kingswood in May.

During the evening we will share information about what to bring, where children will stay, what activities we might be able to do and take any questions from you, or your children.

There will be an opportunity for children to vote on the activities which Kingswood will then collect from us to customise our itinerary. We will also require dietary and medical information questionnaires to be completed for the centre to tailor our visit.

The evening will commence at 5pm for half an hour, with an opportunity for questions and one to one information from 5.30pm-6pm all in Block A hall. We must insist children attend with you so that all questions can be answered at once. Please return the slip on the printer friendly version to confirm yours and your child’s attendance on Monday 19th March at 5pm.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours Sincerely,

Nirali Nagji

(Deputy Head)

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