Year 11 Pre Public Exams (Mocks) 5th - 16th November 2018

Year 11 students will be completing 'Pre Public Mock GCSE Exams' in the range of the subjects they are studying over the next 2 weeks. Students have been issued with an examination timetable (below) which highlights the days and timings for the 2 week period. Students will complete exam papers from previous years and we will conduct these in examination conditions, in order to prepare them for the Public GCSE Exams in May 2019.  The majority of the exams have been placed were they would have that subject lesson. When they do not have an exam they will revise in lesson with their usual teachers.

It has been decided that Year 11 students will leave the school site, if they have finished their exams, at 4pm for this 2 week exam period, in order for students to get home, to rest, refuel and to revise for the next day exams, similar to what, will be expected of them in Summer 2019. We need all students to practice planning their revision over the next 2 weeks and have enough time to prepare properly. They need to go through the actual process and I would encourage you to support us to support them in preparing properly for these exams.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at 'Year 11 Exams Parents Evening' on Wednesday 12th December at 6.00pm.

Kind regards,

Mark Roessler, Head of School

Olivia Newman, KS4 Progress Leader