Car Park Management

30th October 2017

Dear Parent / Carer,

Ref: The Gatwick School Travel Plan – Car Park Management

As we continue to grow as a school, we will reach 500 students during this academic year, we need to think carefully about maximising efficient use of the school car park and I need your support to do this. We continually adapt to meet the growth of the school in so many different ways and the car park is a current focus linked with planning permission. This year we have widened the staggered starts and ends of the day, reduced staff parking on site and trialed a school bus from the Horley area (Crawley School Bus to be trialed soon). Medium to long term it is essential and really important that most Secondary Phase students get into the habit of using the very good public transport system, or cycle to and from school, and for our Primary Phase parents use the drop off system where possible to enable efficient use of our car park. We need to start moving towards this now in order to set ourselves up for the future. 

Formal guidance to parents/carers for use of the TGS car park (car park etiquette):

  • The school entry gate on Tinsley Lane North is the only entry to the school car park. No entry from Gatwick Road is permitted
  • Please use Cobham Way when approaching the school from the North / Gatwick Airport
  • When exiting the car park only left turn onto Gatwick Road. No right turn as this is dangerous and also causes unnecessary delays for parents queuing to exit from the car park (really annoying for all)
  • All parents should use the drop-off system in the morning where possible and only park in designated car parking spaces if it is needed
  • The drop-off zone will be moved further inside the car park to allow for car standing space in the car park and there should be no need to park off-street in the morning or afternoon
  • Parents are not to park on any yellow lines in the car park as this has the potential to cause danger for pedestrians, delay for school PE coaches and possibly block emergency services entry
  • Please never perform a u-turn in the school car park or Tinsley Lane North
  • Please take extra care when driving through the car park or when parking your car. There is a speed limit for a reason
  • Please take care when walking through the car park and only use designated routes which are the red lined walking route and the walkway next to the building

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office. I thank you for your continued support of The Gatwick School’s journey to outstanding.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Roessler