This Weeks Homework


At The Gatwick School, our aim is to set homework which enthuses, empowers and enforces the learning of students. We value the importance of homework in developing self reliance, accountability and time management skills and feel that the introduction of this activity will strengthen our students abilities across the spectrum and further underpin the guided learning that they do within the classroom.

We have planned so that student homework hours increase year on year and have based the guided study hours upon volume of curriculum time.

The style/type of homework set will be determined by the Head of Department, but in all cases will feature a regular 'diet' of exam style questions and access to past papers.


Homework will be set weekly for each of the above subjects.  Details of the pieces of homework set for each subject will be published live on this page and updated by 17:00 each Friday.  If you have any questions regarding homework details, please contact the Head of Department directly.


After School Homework Club

 After school homework sessions will run from 15:30 – 16:30, beginning on Monday 23rd September and will be hosted by a member of the above department teams.  

 All after school homework sessions will take place in the A block exhibition space.

 Time to allow for the homework

The weightings for subjects per week and year is as follows:


Independent Learning Project (ILP)

An Independent Learning Project is an extended piece of work, designed to enthuse, enforce and empower student learning.  An ILP will be set at the beginning of a half term, with a hand in at the very end.

 The structure of an ILP will be determined by individual departments.