Head boy, tobi clarke

Head boy, tobi clarke

Tobi Clark – Head Boy – Open Evening Speech 2016

Good afternoon everyone.

My name is Tobi Clark and I am the head boy of the Gatwick school. I have been head boy for just 5 days, and this is my first official job, no pressure then!

My journey at the Gatwick school started on the very first day this school opened. My parents took the leap of faith as they truly believed in the ethos of the school from the first day they saw it, way before this wonderful hall looked the way it does now.

I have really loved my time at The Gatwick school so far, not many people can be involved in creating a school, we had involvement in house names, school uniform and many other great things.

The Gatwick school has allowed me to express myself in ways other secondary schools would never have. I have improved in so many subjects that I found very challenging at my previous school, and that is due to the attention that you get here. The class size is so much smaller than you would get in another secondary school. The Gatwick School is a great family, the teachers know what your hobbies are, what activities you like to do outside of school and you wouldn’t get that in most secondary schools.

Being at a school that has both secondary and primary students is a unique experience because you are given a responsibility as a teenager to learn how to interact with small children and how they can learn from our experiences.

The future of The Gatwick School is exciting because we are still growing and developing. We are looking forward to our own sports facilities, library and further improvements.

I am enjoying the opportunities of developing my skills in music and drama, I hope one day to work in the theatre, it will enable me to express my talents. I also enjoy studying food and nutrition because I enjoy cooking and creating dishes.

The Gatwick School offers opportunities to each and every student to progress in a way that suits their every need. I really enjoy being here because I get the attention I need and don’t feel under pressure as I would do in a much larger school. We may be a small school but we are an important one.

 emily hbberd, head girl

emily hbberd, head girl

Emily Hibberd – Head Girl – Open Evening Speech 2016

Good evening and welcome to The Gatwick School.  My name is Emily and I am Head Girl.

I started at the school in year 7, when we were a class of 18 and the school was totally ‘open plan’!!  There were no walls.

We got to know our teachers really well, and it is a big bonus being part of a smaller school.  We are a community.  The teachers know us all, we’re not just a name on a list.  They know if we’re having a bad day and they want to help.  We get recognised for the good things that we do, and they give us responsibilities if we want them.  There are different roles in the student leadership team, and we are given the opportunity to have our say, to organise and to lead.  Previously I was Newton house captain.

I chose to come here, right at the beginning to look around.  I listened to Mr Reilly and really liked what he had to say.  We chose our own uniform, the colour scheme of the houses and the house names. Paragon was a new lesson to me, and over the years it became my favourite, alongside English.  Paragon helped build my confidence because we had to present the work we had learnt about to our parents and teachers.

I wanted to try something new by coming here.  I wanted to attend a smaller school and remaining the eldest year group was a bonus.  Right from the beginning there was excitement and energy and as a group we bonded well.

We are an all through school and this has meant that we get to spend time with the younger children.  I love listening to them read.  We’ve had sports day, assemblies and discos with them.

One of my favorite visitors into the school was ZeeZee, a professional graffiti artist.  The work we created is displayed at Crawley train station.  We helped make the sign at Crawters Brook, that can still be seen today. I went on a school trip to the science museum and stayed overnight, and we had a trip to Belgium.

I’ve got to know lots of other students, not just those in my year group because we have mixed year group tutor groups.

We now have actual walls, and science labs, a drama studio and a music room.  Students get to show off their musical skills in assembly on a Thursday.  I’ve had a lead role in plays, performed in a dance show at the Hawth, and sung in a school talent show and come 2nd. I stay after school for clubs, martial arts and dance, and have stayed to homework club too where the teachers help us if we get stuck.

When I’m older I wantto go to University to train to be a vet, but I also love writing and want to become an author.  I’m writing a story now in AQ, a lesson devoted to our personal studies.

Coming here was a good decision.  It was a leap of faith, there wasn’t other students to look at, to see how happy they were.  But I’m glad I did and I am proud to be at The Gatwick School.