The Friends of Gatwick School group (FOGS) is a not for profit unincorporated association. This means that it is a membership organisation that can be whatever its members want it to be, and carry out whatever activities the members choose. It is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way for a group to set itself up and is therefore ideal for our purposes, which is to support the school with fundraising and other activities as deemed necessary.

There are some rules that we, as a group must follow:

We must have a management committee to oversee the financial and logistical activities.

Our committee will consist of 5 people:

  • Chair - Represents the Association, provides leadership and support to the members and the school, ensures the association is managed effectively, plans member recruitment and chairs the management committee meetings
  • Vice Chair - Acts a proxy chair as required
  • Secretary - Maintains effective records and administration including meeting agendas and minutes, is responsible for general organisation and legal compliance and manages all communication and correspondence.
  • Treasurer - Responsible for general financial oversight, including planning, budgeting, bank reconciliation and reporting including producing the annual accounts for committee approval.
  • Teacher Liaison - Must be an employee of the school, and is the main point of contact with the school

The names and contact information for each of these roles will be published after the posts have been filled.

An additional 2 more people can be co-opted at the discretion of the committee should the need or opportunity arise.

The management committee will convene in a closed room meeting at least once per term to decide on the groups priorities for that term. Additional working party meetings will take place as required to support those priorities, and are open to anyone who wishes to support the School and Association

We must have a constitution that sets out our aims and shows how the management committee is structured.

The group is in its formative stages, and as such the Constitution is as yet unadopted. You can find a copy of the proposed constitution here. Please email Sarah Isaac with any comments prior to the AGM when it will be formally adopted for the group.

We must keep track of income and expenditure and create annual accounts which must be approved by the management committee.

The elected treasurer will produce an annual accounting report detailing the Associations spend and income. This will be presented at the annual AGM and approved by the committee in place at that time. Once ratified the report will be available on this page to any interested parties.